• Valentine's Day Gift Boxes!

    Valentine's Day Gift Boxes!
    Valentine's Day is almost here!
    This year I have beautiful gift boxes that can be added onto any jewelry order. There are three different options each curated with products that will make any person feel love, adored, and special.
    The Admirer:  $24
    The Lover: $46
    The Romantic $70
    I even have a gift box made for men! Just $78 for a handmade bracelet of your choice and cologne from Freehand Goods.


    How to order:

    - Add desired jewelry to your cart

    - Add this gift box to your cart

    - Check out

    Once I receive the order, I will package and wrap the jewelry as well as all these fun gifts in a beautiful gift box. Scents of certain products may vary.

    Take a look at each gift box and consider elevating your Valentine's Day gift today!