About The Artist

Outside.  In nature.  In the mountains. Where my soul finds rest.  Ancient cultures, who celebrated life through art and design. Artisans, who forged metal and forged a way.  My free-spirited father who homeschooled me in a retrofitted school bus, and taught me to dream big and embrace my inner hippie.  My mother and grandmother, made their own rules and broke through glass ceilings, showing me how to love fiercely and embrace my own strength. These are the things that shape me, inspire me, and flow through me in my designs.   Here you will find thoughtfully crafted jewelry, inspired by nature, that celebrate the small moments in life.  The moments that remind you of who you are and your own unique, natural beauty. 

 My journey actually began with a terribly impulsive decision. While waiting tables, an extremely rude customer prompted me to spontaneously quit my waitress job.  In a moment of pure desperation, I decided to start selling my jewelry. As I fell more and more in love with the process of making, a whole new path was born. I dropped out of graduate school and signed up for a metals class.  I was hooked. Like, obsessively, starry eyed hooked. I found myself fascinated by the ancient techniques of metalsmithing, connecting me to a lineage of metalsmiths who have gone before me. My fascination with stones, color and ancient designs only grew stronger.  From there, I went on to achieve a degree as a goldsmith, giving me the skills needed to make all the beautiful things floating around in my head.

There is nothing in the world I would rather do.  I find deep, abiding joy in sharing my work with amazing women, who inspire me with their own crazy, beautiful stories.  For me, it’s more than jewelry.  It’s a moment. It's a communion with nature. A tie to the past. A connection between you and me. Every day I am grateful for that moment of impulsivity. I am grateful for my journey.  Every twist.  Every valley.  Every mountain top.  I'm especially grateful for you.  I couldn't do this without you!

My husband works alongside me, managing the books. We live in beautiful Denver CO, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, with our two fearless boys.

Style & Quality

I describe my jewelry as rustic feminine. For a girl who likes to get dirty. A girl who climbs mountains and kisses boo boos.  I focus on exquisite details and elegant design, with a strong connection to the natural world.  I have developed my own special techniques combining the traditions of metalsmithing and wire work to create unique jewelry with understated flair.

I am obsessed with stones.  I spend a lot of time and energy bringing you the most unique, beautiful stones I can find.  My inspiration comes from the earth, the stones, and the natural beauty of life.

Metals used are sterling silver, 14k gold fill, 14k gold, brass, bronze and copper. Everything is nickel free.

100% Handmade

Everything is handmade by me, with passion and attention to detail.   Every piece has its own personality, which I try to honor with quality materials, original design and fine craftsmanship.

Awards and Training

Graduate of the Howard Academy of Metal Arts, Studied Metal Arts at Santa Monica City College, and UCLA

Best of Show - WJA Student Design Competition

Accessories Designer of the Year - RAW,  Madison WI