July 22, 2021

Stone Stories: Chrysoprase

By Sarah DeAngelo
The chrysoprase and stamped silver bracelet styled on tan linen
What could encompass the feeling of summer more than chrysoprase?  Since I first discovered this stone, it has remained one of my favorites to use.  The high grade specimens literally glow, in shades of melon and mint. Light and airy, with a bit of neon spunk. The lower grades are deep mossy green, with bits of brown rock.  Earthy and full of forest magic. I hope you enjoy discovering this stone and love it as much as I have!
The name chrysoprase has been derived from a Greek word "chrysos prason," which literally means ‘gold leak’. Chrysoprase has been called a "Victory Stone”, after stories of Alexander the Great carrying the stone in his belt during his 11 year winning streak. In the 18th century, as said, thieves used to become invisible by keeping the stone in their mouth. Chrysoprase is rumored to help one tap into their inner courage and provide the wisdom to use it wisely, especially when one is acting on one's convictions. How interesting!