September 23, 2019

Stone Stories: Turquoise

By Sarah DeAngelo
Stone Stories: Turquoise

Turquoise is a blue-green mineral that dates back almost as far as 7500 years. It was first discovered in Egypt, but named turquoise meaning "Turkish" in the 17th century when it was first brought from Turkey into Europe. Turquoise was one of the first gems to be mined mostly by hand with little to no mechanization.

In the United States Turquoise is found all along the Southwest. It is found found in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Turquoise has been prevalent in many great cultures such as Ancient Egypt and the Aztecs. It was briefly used in the Roman Catholic Church in secular jewelry.

Turquoise is said to be a healing stone, one of the most powerful, that benefits the entire body with strengths in respiratory, waste and skeletal, and immune systems. The Egyptians, Tibetians, and Native Americans were all enamored with this stone and considered it to have great healing powers.

We love turquoise for its obvious beauty and bright unusual colors. It pairs with anything from jeans to a black dress. Wearable every day, by every age group. With each piece of turquoise telling it's own story, don't worry, you'll still stand out in a crowd while wearing this gorgeous stone.

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